2017-2018 Fee Schedule

Pricing Effective September 1, 2017 

Registration Fee - $30
$10 for each additional Dancer

Solos - $50 an Hour Lesson
Duets - $35 an Hour Lesson, per Person

 New Monthly Prices
(no longer a by the class price)

 45 Minute Classes - $45 a month

1 Hour Classes - $50 a Month
 ½ Hour Classes - $65 a Month

30 Minuet Point Classes - $45 a Month*

*Please Note - Point requires Tammy’s approval to register for, as well as being enrolled in two additional ballet classes*



Specials and Promotions

 Free Bogovich School of Dance Gear for paying in advance!

Pay in full for the year by September 1, 2017

 1 class – Free T-shirt

2 or more classes – Free Personalized Backpack

2017-2018 Schedule

Subject to Change Due to Enrollment
Teachers maybe substituted

 Mondays – In Studio
4:30-5:30pm Ballet 1 - 2nd Grade to 5th Grade
5:30-7pm Ballet 3 - 5th Grade to 7th Grade
7-8pm Teen Ballet or Beginners Ballet - for Older Kids
Monday – In Church
4-5pm Leaps & Turns – Open**
5-6:30pm Ballet 4 - Advanced – Must have Tammy’s Approval
6:30-7:30pm Partnering – Must have Tammy’s Approval

Tuesday – In Studio
5-6pm Hip Hop 1 - 2nd Grade- 5th Grade
6-7:30pm Ballet 3 – 5th Grade and Up
7:30-8:15pm  Point - Must Have Tammy’s Approval***
Tuesday – In Church
4-5pm Broadway Jazz – 2nd – 5th Grade
5-6pm Stretch & Conditioning - Open
6-7pm Hip Hop 4 - Advanced – Must have Tammy’s Approval
7-8pm Broadway Jazz 2nd - 5th Grade and up

Wednesday – In Studio
3-4pm Open for Solos or Duets (first come, first serve)
4-5pm Teen Tap/Jazz Combo
5-6pm Ballet/Tap Combo - 3-5 yr olds
6-7pm  Duets  - Spot Reserved
7-8:30pm Tap/Jazz Combo - Advanced, Must have Tammy’s Approval
Wednesday – In Church
4- 5pm Modern Class - Open

5-6pm Hip Hop -5th Grade & Up

Thursday – In Studio
3:30-4:30 Open for Solos or Duets (First Come, First Serve)
4:30-5:15 Jazz - Ages 6-8*
5:15-6pm Tap 2 - Ages 6-8*
6-7:30 Ballet 4 - Advanced, Tammy Must Approve
7:30-8:30pm Point 3 - Must have Tammy’s Approval***
Thursday – in Church
4:30-5:15 Tap 3 - Ages 9-12*
5:15 Jazz 3 - Ages 9-12*
6-7pm Hip Hop 2 - Ages 8-12
7-8pm Contemporary - Ages 8-12**

Friday – In Studio
3:30-4:30 Solo – Spot Reserved
4:30-5:30pm Solo – Spot Reserved
5:30-6:30pm ACRO - Open
6:30-8pm Contemporary 2 – 5th Grade & Up Tammy Must Approve**
Friday – In Church
4:30-5:30pm TBD
Saturday – In Studio
9-10 Duet – Spot Reserved
10-11am Solo – Every Other Week – Spot Reserved

Rehearsals As Posted


*The two classes can be taken as one for the 1 ½ fee or as separately for the 45 min price, should you only want to registrar for one.

**Must be enrolled in a Ballet Class as well.

***Must be enrolled in 2 additional Ballet Classes.

 Bogovich School of Dance 

Dance School Calender

Holiday Show - Friday, December 8th @ 7pm

                            Saturday, December 9th @ 7PM

End of the Year Show - Friday, June 22 @ 7pm

                                         Saturday, June 23 @ 7pm

Bogovich School of dance follows the SAU 29 school closing for holidays & vacation.

Thanksgiving - November 22-24

Holidays/New Years - December 22 - January 1

February Break - February 26 - March 2

April Break - April 23-27

Memorial Day - May 28

November 19th Sunday
November 19th:
10:30-12pm Alice ONLY
12:-12:30 Alice and Croquet people (Queen, Clubs, Cheshire Cat and Hedgehogs)
12:30-3:30pm Whole CAST: running the show!!!
3:30-4:30 FLOWERS and ALICE!!!!!! And Doors.....

4:30-5:30 Caterpillar
Please bring snacks and or food. Remember to be aware of allergies and not pack nuts or sunflower seeds......Lets keep everyone safe and healthy for the show!! we are a few weeks away!!!

November 22 Wednesday

12:30-3PM Doors and Alice and White rabbit.  

note Alice and white rabbit can leave at 1:45pm

Photo for the December starting at 5:00PM.
5:00Tea party kids, and Mad Tea Party kids
5:15 Tweedle dee and dumb, Cheshire Cat, white rabbit and Alice
5:30PM Caterpillar and mushrooms
5:45pm. ALL flower
6PM Queen of Hearts and HedgeHogs
6:15 All cards and anyone I missed.

November 26th Sunday 

Alice if needed

December 2 Saturday (Tea Party fundraiser-time TBD)

December 3 Sunday
Morning if needed
12:30-4:30 Run the show!!! (LAST REHEARSAL)

December 4-6 Monday -Wednesday 5-8pm all dancers

December 7 Dress Rehearsal 

December 8 and 9th Show 7pm start time: kids here by 6pm

classes Resume: December 11-21