Bogovich School of Dance 

Alice and Wonderland Cast

Alice:          Lula                      Understudy:  Ali Hebert
Little Alice:     Isabelle                                 Lexi
Sister:         Emersyn                                    Savannah
White Rabbit:    Marina                                Joslin
Queen of Hearts:  Temple                            Emersyn
MAd Hatter:      Shepard                              Alex Frazier
March Hare:    Mia Brown                          Gracie Lyons
Mouse:          Paisley                                  Cadance
Tweedle dee/Dumb:Madison/Eowyn        Bethany/McGee
Caterpillar:      Alicia                              Phoebe
Cheshire Cat:    Paige Thurston               Skylar
Lead Flower:    Kirsten Farhm
Pink lead:        Ali Hebert
Blue lead:        McGee
Green Lead:    Savannah
Purple Lead:    Phoebe
Flowers and Cards:     Lucy, Cara, Frazier, Grace Blanchard, Anakate, Mary, Bethany, Molly, Audrey, Evangeline, Skylar, Alex Frazier, Sophia, Khloe, Grace Lyons, Emersyn Blanchard
Ace of Spades:      Ali Hebert             Savannah
Ace of Clubs:       Phoebe Clark        McGee
Elliott is a Mushroom and a Card.
Dillan is a Mushroom and a Card

​Hayden is a mushroom and a Card
Mushrooms and Tea cups:  Rylee, Delilah, Kennedy, Rachael, Lexi, willa,
Hedgehogs:  Blue-Rylee, Red-Delilah, Black and white-Lexi and willa

Doors:  Emersyn, Bethany, Savannah, McGee, Grace Blanchard

Alice and wonderland  letter from Tammy

Parents I know it is a commitment to be in the winter show. I am understanding that we all have things to do. Please remember this is a volunteer show. If you are unable to make practice it affects the kids that do come and it affects the show. I have done my best to accommodate many requests. However I need to stop if I want to stay sane and create a show as magical as Cinderella. Dance is just like a sport if kids don't come it hurts the kids that NEVER miss. Please take a second to review the schedule and decide if you and your child want to be apart of this wonderful show. Parents are starting to make costumes I need to know now if you and your child is committed. I love you all and don't want to sound harsh but I need to put my foot down so the kids will be successful and shine. This should be a positive experience for all. Thank you for understanding-Tammy

                            The Show has Been Cast,  Se Below and get Excited!

Alice in Wonderland

 !!!!!!Allergy Allert!!!!!!!

We have mutilple students this year with life threatening food allergies.  We ask that you do not have your dancers come to class, rehearsals or proformances with any type of Peanut, Nut or Seed​ items.  Their allergies are also contact so if they are touched with hands that have been in contact with these items they could have a reaction.  Please have your children wash there hands a face before coming to class if they have consumed any of these items.




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